Our values

Embrace change& driveit forward.

Change comes from all directions. We perceive changes in user needs. Most changes are initiated by users who are facing challenges.

Have fun; be a little different.

A day without fun and humor is a lost day. Everyone should contribute his or her individual personality, regardless of how others feel about it. We are who we want to be. A little craziness is desired.

Be adventurous, creative& open-minded

Those who have the courage to make mistakes take risks, but can achieve great things. We encourage to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. The desire for adventure and our creativity lead to unconventional solutions.


Promote growth& development.

Everyone should develop professionally and personally. We help to release potential. Thereby we challenge ourselves. It can be stressful and challenging, but it enables the growth we strive for.

Build open& honestrelationships through communication.

We listen and are open and honest towards all customers and partners, even if it might be to our disadvantage, because it creates trust and emotional bonds and that is what perXoom is all about. The quality of the relationships we maintain with each other and with users and partners determines the level of our loyalty.

Create a positive TEAM & family spirit.

We create a friendly, warm and exciting environment. We attach great importance to diversity. Our team takes initiative and works together in harmony. We are more than a team.

Reach MORE.

Concentrated & customer-oriented work leads to success. Despite the nonchalance with each other we are constantly improving and have the goal to be always innovative and one step ahead. We see mistakes as learning opportunities. We address bad news and problems directly. We want everyone to achieve more and we raise our high standards day after day to achieve this.

Be passionate& determined.

Passion is what drives us. We believe in what we do and do not accept a “can’t”. We pursue the great goal of inspiring people and bringing them forward with a positive and realistic attitude. Our vision motivates us every day anew.